If you know anything about athletic wear, you know about Fabletics. Selling what they call “athleisure” wear has helped this company take their own chunk of the Amazon-dominated fashion e-commerce industry. They have done this by offering a quality product in an innovative way to their members.


That’s right, members. The company uses a membership program to drive sales, and the convenience factor is paying off in a big way. In fact, the company has grown to a worth $250 million in just three years of existence with an annual growth rate of 35%. These are staggering numbers considering the competitive nature of the e-commerce fashion industry.


One reason the company is successful is because of the social media marketing efforts of one of the founders, actress Kate Hudson. Her popularity, combined with her business acumen, have been a driving force of the positive results. She is even partly behind the company’s latest efforts.


Going In a New Direction, In an Old Way


Fabletics has recently decided to open retail storefronts. This may confuse the average armchair market expert, but they have a good reason. While online sales are growing each year, they still only make up about 20% of the online fashion market. Retail establishments drive the market and will be responsible for a majority of the sales going into the future. So, it is actually been a good move for the company, especially considering the way that they do it.


Act Like a Retail Establishment and Think Like an Online Business


Fabletics has found a way for their online business to drive retail sales, not hinder them, by integration. Most of the in-store shoppers are members. If they aren’t, they will be soon. Because of this, the company gives them the opportunity to find products they like in the store and place them in their online shopping cart. The communication between the retail and online portions of the company is seamless.


Localized Data


Fabletics has reversed the traditional method in which companies use sales data. Instead of using terrestrial sales numbers to change the online marketing strategy, they are using online sales trends to change the way they stock their retail establishments. Each store is uniquely staged in a way that represents the taste trends of consumers in that region. It makes sense that having products people want will lead to people buying them.


It is Possible to Compete with Amazon


Fabletics is one of the companies proving its possible to compete with the online retail giant, Amazon. Those that think its a bad idea to open retail stores right now should know that Amazon is doing the same thing by opening new bookstores all across the country.


New e-commerce fashion companies have hope. The first thing they need to do is find a niché in the market where they can provide a high-quality product. After that, an innovative point of sale is necessary to provide convenience. Quality and convenience are a winning combination for e-commerce business no matter what the competition is.

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