Securus Technologies: Changing Incarceration Life for the Better, both For Inmates and Officials

Securus Technologies Inc. is the technology company that is changing the incarceration sector in America. After it was founded in the 80s, the company started operations in Dallas, Texas. It later spread to other regions in North America, including Allen and Carrollton, both in Texas- and later to Atlanta, Georgia. Going by the company’s records, it has an employees’ population of not less than a thousand people, who works towards satisfying the technological needs of the large correctional market in the region. Under the leadership of CEO Richard A. (Rick) Smith, the company has managed to establish business contacts with Canadian correctional facilities, taking its total number of facilities to 2,600. The company also makes huge investments in improving its products and services, with an estimated total of $600 million pumped into the said purposes over the last three years.




Information found on Crunchbase shows that Securus Technologies has made nine acquisitions between 2012 and 2015. In May of 2012, the company acquired Primonics, a New York-based video visitation services company. Two months later, it acquired DirectHit Systems, a Florida-based tech firm that develops investigative and data analysis tech products. Two more companies, Archonix Systems and Satellite Tracking of People, were established in 2013. In 2014, Securus acquired a couple of other companies. The companies include Telerus and JLG Technologies. Cellblox, Jpay, and Guarded Exchange, which were all acquired in 2015. All these acquisitions have put Securus at the leadership of the industry.


Customer Review


In October last year, Securus made public some of the reviews it gets from clients. In the reviews, the customers commented on how the company’s products had improved their lives for the better. Most of these messages, which were sent via email, text messages, and letters came from security and investigative officials within the correctional sector. The LBS software and the Investigator Pro were the two most talked about products.

Paul Mampilly- A Career of Helping Investors

For many years Paul Mampilly has been working hard on Wall Street impacting the business world. During this time he has become an expert on investing and the stock market. Mampilly has chosen to use his knowledge to help other during this stage of his career. His passion and drive to help the average person has gained him much recognition. He recently sat down with ideamensch to share some insight into his success.

Paul Mampilly’s current work came from interesting beginnings. He spoke with ideamensch about how he spent years working on Wall Street but eventually reached a point where he was no longer satisfied. He wanted to do much more than just help the top 1%. It took him some time to make the transition but Mampilly eventually moved from working on Wall Street to his current efforts- producing a newsletter. Mampilly shares his years of experience through a newsletter called Profits Unlimited.

Mampilly’s success in the business world is no accident. His routine is very important to him and he credits it for being a defining factor in his success. A typical day for him includes rising around 5 am and beginning to assess the current market and news. Mampilly puts hours into researching stocks and usually has anywhere from 30 to 60 hours of research put into any recommendation.

Mampilly sees a couple of trends in the current market that he likes. He is a firmer believer that the internet of things is going to change the way companies operate offering many improvement in efficiency. He also believes millennials are important to keep an eye on. Their growing numbers mean that their decisions will have a big effect on many aspects of our country.

An American investor and former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly has been making an impact for years. His work has been recognized in many ways. He is the winner of the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition. During his career he has worked with many prestigious companies including Bloomberg TV and CNBC. His newsletter Profits Unlimited has more than 60,000 subscribers. With such passion and drive it appears that Mampilly will continue to impact lives for many years to come.

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Giving Back To Your Hair

A lot of people spend time and money on multiple products to keep their hair shining and clean. But they do not have to. A cost effective option that also lowers your prep time for the day is cleansing conditioners.

Products such as WEN Cleansing Conditioner contain a 5-in-1 formula. This means that you can throw out four steps to your hair care process including shampoo, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in-conditioner. It works for all hair types and textures as well as helps with color.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner Sweet Almond Mint scent only contains five ingredients. These consist of chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, glycerin, rosemary extract, and panthenol. and with three different scents to choose from you can have your hair healthy and fresh with no sulfates or detergents to mess with the natural oils of your hair.

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Some things to make sure you are aware of before using a product like this is that it does not produce much in the way suds so do not be afraid that it is not doing its job. You also may not notice a change the first time you use it but after a few day of continued use your hair should feel softer, lighter, and easier to manage. Also you may need to use a larger amount of product and should not follow the less is more theory.

The benefits of not having to spend as much money on multiple products is just the bonus on top of the results you get from actually using the cleansing conditioner. Keeping your hair healthy and beautiful is quite easy when you only need to use one step a day to take care of it. No more hassle in the shower with different treatments on the ledge. Whether ordered online or in store, cleansing conditioner is the quality way to go.

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Whitney Wolfe Makes Connection With Young Adults

The dating app company called Bumble has a value of half a billion dollars. This is the value that the investors in Silicon Valley have placed upon the prominent dating app that is headquartered in Austin ,Texas. Whitney Wolfe is very proud of this. She is the young entrepreneur that is still under the age of 30. So many people have taken interest in what this company provides as far as dating goes, and it is evident that Whitney Wolfe is one of those investors that knows about online dating. She should since this is territory that she has been quite familiar with.

Whitney Wolfe has been marking app quite successfully with college sororities and it has been a big hit with young adults as well. She has been very popular in cities like New York and Chicago, but she is also spreading her marketing campaign through southern states like Texas and Alabama. What Whitney wants is for people to have a different outlet for dating. With this app the woman is the one that makes the first move, and she has the chance to see exactly who she wants to connect with, but swiping away messages allows her to be free of communicating with this person again.

Whitney Wolfe believed that would be the perfect thing to cut down all the harassment that often takes place on dating apps. She has definitely become a very socially conscious person that has taken efforts to minimize bullying and harassment in apps. She is still under age of 30 so people can definitely expect a lot more from Whitney Wolfe. She is the type of entrepreneur that has already had her name attached to several businesses, and Bumble is a surefire success. This gives her a green light for more business ventures.

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