A lot of people spend time and money on multiple products to keep their hair shining and clean. But they do not have to. A cost effective option that also lowers your prep time for the day is cleansing conditioners.

Products such as WEN Cleansing Conditioner contain a 5-in-1 formula. This means that you can throw out four steps to your hair care process including shampoo, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in-conditioner. It works for all hair types and textures as well as helps with color.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner Sweet Almond Mint scent only contains five ingredients. These consist of chamomile extract, wild cherry bark, glycerin, rosemary extract, and panthenol. and with three different scents to choose from you can have your hair healthy and fresh with no sulfates or detergents to mess with the natural oils of your hair.

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Some things to make sure you are aware of before using a product like this is that it does not produce much in the way suds so do not be afraid that it is not doing its job. You also may not notice a change the first time you use it but after a few day of continued use your hair should feel softer, lighter, and easier to manage. Also you may need to use a larger amount of product and should not follow the less is more theory.

The benefits of not having to spend as much money on multiple products is just the bonus on top of the results you get from actually using the cleansing conditioner. Keeping your hair healthy and beautiful is quite easy when you only need to use one step a day to take care of it. No more hassle in the shower with different treatments on the ledge. Whether ordered online or in store, cleansing conditioner is the quality way to go.

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