Julia Jackson: A breath of freshness in the Family Wine Business

For over three decades, the Jackson family has worked hard to build a name in the wine business, to a good measure of success. The Jackson Family Wines has grown over the years with mergers and acquisitions happening along the way. The legacy left by Jess Jackson clearly still grows in the hands of his children as the Jackson Family Wines is ranked the ninth in the world.

Julia Jackson, the middle child of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke is one of the outstanding figures in family business. Her charisma is enhanced more by her position as the spokesperson for the Cambria Estate Winery, a subsidiary of the Jackson Family Wines.

Among renowned brands produced by the company are La Crema, pinot noir, and Lokoya luxury wines. Julia has been of the opinion that although Sanoma is better-known for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wine brands, Cabernet is better placed to take the reins in Sonoma. Learn more about the wines on thedrinksbusiness.com.

Born in San San Francisco in 1988, Julia has held various positions in the Family business as well as overseeing the company’s operations in France. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in studio art from Scripps College. While still attending college, she taught French part-time to six graders and later joined Stanford University for the Summer Institute General Management.

Her foundation, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, recognizes and awards outstanding women who have overcome various obstacles and stand up to inspire their communities. The foundation donates over & $100 000 every year to charitable organizations that support equality and high-spirited individuals in the community.

In many ways, Julia Jackson is a role model to younger girls and women. In fact, her foundation has several women as staff members and Julia’s sisters are actively involved in its activities. It is clear that Julia Jackson is a visionary young mind whose input in the foundation and the business at large is a breath of freshness.

George Soros Re-emerges In Politics to Support Hillary Clinton In Her Presidential Bid

George Soros is a political activist and billionaire who was raised in Hungary. Soros experienced the Nazi Regime that left hundreds of Jews dead. Through it all, his father hid the family’s identity to protect them from mass killings. Soros flew Hungary to pursue his studies at the London School of Economics. That was the beginning of his entrepreneurial career as well as philanthropy. As a student, he worked as a waiter prior to being employed as a finance manager at a bank. He moved to New York and started his Wall Street career by establishing a hedge fund. The fund cost $12 million. The fund was later rebranded as Quantum Fund.


George Soros’s career can be described as a gradual evolution of experience. He was joined by Stan Druckenmiller in 1992 in shorting the pound in British. He received an active tag as the guy who broke the bank. Years later, he is known as a heavyweight investor. He established the Soros Fund Management which is worth over $30 billion. In 2017, he hired a leading investment portfolio manager from Wall Street. The lady, Dawn Fitzpatrick is in charge of operating the fund’s management. Being a huge enthusiast of liberal causes, he has been President Trump’s fierce critic. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com


In 2016, Soros re-emerged in the political arena after dialing back his giving in 2004 when he was in support of George Bush’s defeat. He reemerged as the leading Democratic funder for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Soros pledged over $25 million geared towards Hillary’s election as president. According to the reports from the Federal Election Commission in addition to the interviews from his associates, Soros planned to donate more millions towards the elections. The wealthy billionaire traveled to Europe in support of the economic atmosphere although he was to join Hillary in her first presidential debate. Even in his absence, Soros was supportive of Hillary. He funded the Democratic fundraising operatives. His associates expected him to donate more money towards the elections.


Unlike in the past where Soros was hesitant about chairing political campaigns, he was more politically inclined this time. Following his political differences with Trump and his manifesto, Soros was rest assured that Hillary Clinton was the best choice for America. Michael Vachon, his political adviser, stated that George Soros has been consistent with his political donations. He also added that he was more politically inclined towards Hillary’s bid and that he was hopeful she would win. Vachon concluded that Trump’s agenda fostered Soros’s determination. His care for Americans could not allow him to support Trump as many strategies were not for the good of the citizens. Even though Hillary lost the chair to President Trump, he is still Hillary’s supporter. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.