Mark Hutchinson established an adventure business called Untamed. Untamed evolved into the ecotourism and training business, Avana. Avana became part of the consortium of training organizations called Vocation. Mark was the CEO of Vocation until 2015. Mark founded WildArk, which is a business focused on preserving the world’s fragile ecosystems. He dedicates his life to the wild. He grew up between Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. His family moved to Sydney when he is 8 years old. Learn more:


Mark has been operating and owning a training plus travel business for 18 years old. His desire is to ensure that he leaves the world in a better natural state for future generations. WildArk secured the first conservancy in the South Africa. Learn more:


The education that Mark has a Bachelor’s of Economics from the University of Sydney. He got a MBA from INSEAD business School in France. He also has a masters of Conservation Biology at Macquarie University. Mark is inspired to contribute to make a difference of protecting our fragile ecosystems. The focus of Mark’s business WildArk is focused on protecting the world’s biodiversity. It also helps reconnect people with the wonders of the natural world.


He completed an ecotraining course in South Africa in 2005. He started WildArk in 2016. He uses a white board anywhere to write down his ideas when they come to him. Most of his ideas get rejected by him before even getting told to his team at WildArk. He is married with children. He is an early riser who believes that diet and exercise in the first hour of each day is very important. Mark spends most of his free time in the bush and going to the far reaches of the world. When he isn’t doing that, he spends time with his family, at his farm in New South Wales, Australia or surfing. Learn more: