IDLife’s selection of nutrition supplements are customized for individual customers based on a number of factors that other companies tend to ignore, such as a person’s activity levels, their current illnesses and a number of other details. Customers fill out a secure online assessment to have products chosen to meet their specific needs. IDLife’s assessment takes into account more than 7,500 unbiased clinical studies to determine the best supplements for the customer.

Logan Stout, CEO and founder of IDLife recalls his years as a professional baseball player, where he says that the same supplements were provided to each player. Knowing that every person has different needs, Stout was ready to listen when a group of nutritionists and scientists approached him in 2013, eager to take advantage of his business coaching experience. Stout was so impressed with the idea of personalized supplement advice; he formed a company at the group’s urging and acquired investors who believed in the concept as well.

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For a new company, IDLife has a full range of products, including pre and post workout formulas, individual nutrition programs, hydrating fruit punch and energy drinks. A new anti-aging skincare line with SPF 20 fits into their health and nutritional line perfectly.

Recently, IDLife teamed up with Garmin, the well-known fitness tracker company, to make it easier for people to lead a healthier lifestyle. Shoppers on IDLife’s website can purchase certain Garmin products, with device data fed directly into IDWellness mobile app. Separately, the two companies provide useful services; together, consumers interested in becoming healthier have a tool that will make reaching their goals easier than ever before. IDLife’s personalized weight management kit is the ideal product to combine with a Garmin fitness tracker; the kit has meal replacement shakes, a metabolism boosting supplement that protects lean muscle mass, an energy product and chews that help keep hunger away.

Stout likens IDLife to a movement toward better health and a made in America movement as all of the company’s products are manufactured in the United States.

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