The Oxford club consists of entrepreneurs and global investors. Their strategies have been tested over time, consistently outperform average returns, and beat the stock market. They make recommendations concerning equities, real estate, options, bonds, precious metals, funds, and currencies. The mission of the Oxford Club is for their members to achieve long-lasting, and extraordinary wealth.

The Oxford Club was founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1989, and specializes in analyzing the market trends. The provide their members with expert recommendations and investing information. Their investment and business experience spans three decades, with a membership exceeding 157,000.

There are three monthly newsletters published by the Oxford Club, a dozen services for trading, three e-letters daily, and numerous related publications. The flagship newsletter is the Oxford Communiqué, and this provides recommendations for market trends, trading, and investment opportunities including the essay series Beyond Wealth. Members of the Oxford Club receive updates weekly for the Communiqué’s investment portfolio, quarterly market updates, and monthly research reports.

The leader of the Oxford Income Letter is Marc Lichtenfeld, who offers insights regarding the creation of an unbeatable income portfolio. This includes analysis and picks for dividend stocks. Readers are educated on thriving in the bond world by Steve McDonald. Updates are provided in four portfolios per week.

The Oxford Club helps their members protect their wealth despite the conditions of the market, and their educational arm is called Investment U. Since 1999, the Oxford Club has been one of the webs first financial, independent educational sites. The Oxford Club answers financial questions through courses, the Investment U Daily’s free e-letter, videos, conferences, and many additional resources. The Oxford Club answered the question of how true financial freedom is obtained, refers to this answer as liberty through wealth, and everything they do revolves around this question.

The Investment U Plus is the daily e-letters premium version, contains stock recommendations that are actionable, and provides their subscribers with the ability to take the fullest advantage of the top story every day. The plays are provided by renowned and numerous market experts, best-selling authors, previous Wall Street portfolio managers, regulars from Fox and CNBC Business, seasoned technical analysts, and so much more.

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