“Time Is Running Out to Turbocharge Your Investments” is a riveting article about the changes with U.S currency that may pay off big time for investors interested in putting their money into foreign markets. The author, Ted Bauman, uses his knowledge of international finances to provide his audience with sage advice on what to do next in this field of investment. The article, printed on Medium.com, is a great tool for new investors. Bauman discusses his introduction into the foreign market, through his first trip to South Africa. He discovered the actual strength of the U.S. Dollar and how far it goes when it is invested properly in international markets. The U.S Dollar continues to remain strong in the world and this will afford investors an opportunity to purchase bigger shares in foreign commodities.

The chance to purchase these larger investments at a lower price might be ending though, Bauman warns. As the U.S. economy fluctuates, the U.S. dollar will falter in the world. In fact, it is already happening, with foreign currencies gaining on the U.S. dollar already. He urges his readers to take advantage of the international pricing while there is still time to do so. As the U.S. dollar weakens internationally, the price of goods and investments will equalize. Bauman explains this is where the most profitable piece of the formula lies.

Foreign commodities are going to start costing more and the U.S. dollar will weaken. There is only one thing that investors can do in response to this, invest as much as they can in these international markets. Bauman believes that forestry land is a great way to go when it comes to these because in a lot of cases, it pays off instantly and it often does not require you to be there. He advises that if you go through an international investment broker, they can direct you toward companies that are set up for this type of transaction. Once the prices equalize, investors can sell what they got when the dollar was worth more at the higher price for it internationally.

The knowledge that Bauman imparts to his readers is genuine. He has worked in international markets his entire career and done business in over 75 different countries. Currently, he works at Banyan Hill Publishing as an Editorial Director where he can give investment tips to people that really need it. It is his hope that his readers will take this information and successfully grow their own wealth.