Nathaniel Ru is changing the fast food industry with his innovative idea when it comes to healthy food. It is the Sweetgreen restaurant franchise that Nathaniel started that people are becoming much more aware of what they’re eating. They are looking at the healthy food options that he is presenting, and they are becoming accustomed to a whole different way of life. This is something that Nathaniel Ru appreciates when it comes to the work that he has done. He is glad that more people are able to eat healthy because of the creation that he came up with.

Nathaniel Ru has definitely made it possible for more people to enjoy healthy eating, but his original goal was not as big as the end result that he has received. In the beginning the only thing that Nathaniel really wanted to do was find a healthy food establishment that he could eat at in Georgetown where he was going to college.

He did not set out on the path to creating a healthy chain of Sweetgreen restaurants for consumers. The only person that he had in mine for a healthy meal was himself.

Now it appears that Nathaniel Rue has a strong customer base of food lovers that had the same goal in mind that he originally had. They simply want to acquire healthy food from something other than a skimpy fast food side salad on a McDonalds menu. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | LinkedIn and Sweetgreen | Wikipedia

The reality is that most people that are interested in eating healthy sometimes, but many people do not know where to really start. They may have a desire to do more than the limited selection of items that are part of a typical fast food menu, but they may not know of any other places that really have a full menu of items that are nutritious and delicious.

When Nathaniel Ru discovered that this was a dilemma for him it seemed only natural to do the next best thing which was to create his own restaurant.

Nathaniel Ru had a couple of friends that would have the same exact dilemmia that he had when it came to a desire to eat healthy with a lack of options to consider.

This is why partners Nicholas Jamett and Jonathan Neman were more than willing to help Nathaniel Ru build what has become one of the fastest growing healthy food establishments in the United States.