Gamers rejoice! And then go shopping. With the development of WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) a secure marketplace for all of our virtual asset transactions has been created.

Using the combined security tokenization and blockchain technology, the WAX marketplace and token provides the platform for reliable, secure virtual asset transactions. With gamers no longer at the mercy of the unpredictable and unethical, WAX tokens will allow virtual assets to be transferred easily, without the risk of asset loss, financial fraud and currency exchange fluctuations.

Excited about the role WAX will play in a secure and robust virtual asset market, President Malcolm CasSelle has been a long time force within the computing and gaming world. With a bachelor’s of computer science from MIT and a master’s of computer science from Stanford University Malcolm CasSelle, a Pennsylvania native, has been active in both cryptocurrency investments and gaming world solutions for many years.

The formation of WAX, with William Quigley, John Brechisci Jr. and Jonathan Yantis, seems to be the logical result of President Malcolm CasSelle extensive prior experience. A former CEO of Xfire, the online gamers social media site and MediaPass, a paywall company, Mr. CasSelle began diving into cryptocurrencies in 2012. Leveraging this experience and identifying the untapped gaming financial marketplace. WAX was created to securely handle the 50 billion dollars worth of virtual assets within today’s gaming world.

Mr. CasSelle is no stranger to start-ups either. The success of the Xfire, MediaPass and Groupon/Tencent joint venture in China all benefited from his investment and computer expertise. The entrepreneurial spirit of Malcolm CasSelle has been the driver of many of the gaming world’s secure applications from their inception.

And with Mr. CasSelle’s latest creation, WAX, gamers no longer need to worry about the insecurity and unpredictability of virtual asset transfers. Instead, lets focus on the boss.

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