Known for being a highly credible source of news and latest happenings about the technological developments all over the world, NewsWatch, as broadcasted in AMC and ION Networks, has been what the Americans especially in the East Coast have been relying on since the 1990s. Initially starting as a television show that featured topics on particular financial aspects, problems, and how to solve them, this morning program has most certainly developed and blossomed into what we know of it now: an informative show that gives us only the best scoops in all our consumer, health, travel, automotive, entertainment, and technological needs. Even important aspects regarding public policy and legal issues are being tackled, which does not leave anyone out of the in-the-know-sphere in every sense of the word. And with its twice-a-month episode hosted by Andrew Tropeano, Amanda Forstrom, Eric Forrest and Susan Bridges, it is rest assured that each session would be worth the while.

NewsWatch TV has recently been awarded the Gold and Platinum 2017 Malcolm Awards, as well as the national 2017 Videographer Award. This just goes to show the program’s utter and complete dedication in delivering only the very best to its viewers, and celebrities and local experts alike trust NewsWatch TV to present their sides of the story in an unbiased, objective manner every time, anytime.
Tackling some of the NewsWatch TV reviews would testify to this claim. Tori Pugliese, who is the Senior Director of Marketing of SteelSeries, even attests to the show’s expertise in PR knowledge in delivering the right messages to the audience viewers. After all, communication is always the key to success. They have worked with NewsWatch TV since 2013 and they have been giving only praises with how the show exemplified their skills in introducing their products to the public. There was nothing but clarity with how the SteelSeries’ items are being delivered, and the quality of the video feed and the scripts were also highly praised upon.

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