For Joel Friant, helping people was the biggest part of his career. He wanted all of his customers to realize he was an important person who could give them everything they were looking for. He also wanted others to know he was doing the best job possible because of the way he was able to help people. Joel Friant always wanted to do what he could to help others and wanted to make sure he was giving them what they could get from different situations. Being an important part of the entrepreneurial community gave Joel Friant the chance to make things better and the opportunity he needed to make the best decisions possible. He had always wanted people to realize he was important to the company and that’s what made him one of the best people to do the job he had to do. For him, this was a big part of the company and a big part of the business he ran.

Even when Joel Friant was making sure he could help people through different options, he was sure he could make more money based on the things he was doing. He had always tried to give people what they wanted and the Habanero Shaker solved a huge problem for people who had tried their best to make things better for their food. He had always known there were different ways he could make things better, but that meant he had to try his best to bring attention to the areas of business people were using the shaker for.

As long as people were using the shaker, Joel Friant was pleased with the work he did. He had a lot of motivation and that gave him the results he wanted. He had always been open about the way he was making things better and that even went back to how he could bring attention to the problems in the food industry with the Habanero Shaker. People would no longer have to take major safety risks preparing habaneros and could, instead, just use the shaker to get the spicy flavors they wanted.

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