The Role of Innovation at Securus Technologies.

A success story for any company features consistency. One-time successes are nothing but mere flukes. For companies that rely on innovation to stay afloat, the innovative process has to be kept continuous and self-generating. Securus Technologies is an example of an innovation company. Although it is primarily an It firm, it dispenses most of its revenue in keeping its innovative process in motion. When it comes to designing and creating cutting edge technologies, the company has always been and will always be ahead of the game. In lieu of the promise it gives to its subscribers, it cannot relent.

Securus Technologies is an international communications and information technology company that majors in keeping prisons and detentions secure for clients. It only provides cyber security to American and Canadian correctional and holding facilities. Apart from the regular programs and hardware it may install to control door and camera movements within the facilities, the company dispenses plenty of resources to regulate communications within the prisons it serves. It offers inmates affordable rates to keep in touch with their loved ones while ensuring that those communications remain within the confines of the law.

Securus devotes a lot of time and capital to secure prison communications and prevent unlawful communication between inmates within prisons. Such communications, often done via contraband mobile devices, allows for malicious inmates to conspire with other criminals within and outside of prisons. However, thanks to the consistency of Securus to develop cutting edge technologies to scramble frequencies of contraband phones from accessing mobile networks, such devices are rendered ineffective. The company invests a lot of money to develop such technologies since its management appreciates that the crime world has the capacity to catch up with their innovations. Thus, the company aims to produce new technologies every passing week. It rarely misses its targets.

Over the recent past, Securus has partnered with other IT firms to heighten its efficiency in servicing prison cyber securities. Through such partnerships, technologies like the “cell defender” have been created. In entirety, the company has spent over 600 million dollars in patents and acquisitions.


Securus Technologies: Changing Incarceration Life for the Better, both For Inmates and Officials

Securus Technologies Inc. is the technology company that is changing the incarceration sector in America. After it was founded in the 80s, the company started operations in Dallas, Texas. It later spread to other regions in North America, including Allen and Carrollton, both in Texas- and later to Atlanta, Georgia. Going by the company’s records, it has an employees’ population of not less than a thousand people, who works towards satisfying the technological needs of the large correctional market in the region. Under the leadership of CEO Richard A. (Rick) Smith, the company has managed to establish business contacts with Canadian correctional facilities, taking its total number of facilities to 2,600. The company also makes huge investments in improving its products and services, with an estimated total of $600 million pumped into the said purposes over the last three years.




Information found on Crunchbase shows that Securus Technologies has made nine acquisitions between 2012 and 2015. In May of 2012, the company acquired Primonics, a New York-based video visitation services company. Two months later, it acquired DirectHit Systems, a Florida-based tech firm that develops investigative and data analysis tech products. Two more companies, Archonix Systems and Satellite Tracking of People, were established in 2013. In 2014, Securus acquired a couple of other companies. The companies include Telerus and JLG Technologies. Cellblox, Jpay, and Guarded Exchange, which were all acquired in 2015. All these acquisitions have put Securus at the leadership of the industry.


Customer Review


In October last year, Securus made public some of the reviews it gets from clients. In the reviews, the customers commented on how the company’s products had improved their lives for the better. Most of these messages, which were sent via email, text messages, and letters came from security and investigative officials within the correctional sector. The LBS software and the Investigator Pro were the two most talked about products.