U.S. Money Reserve Debuts Upgraded E-Commerce Website

U.S. Money Reserve just unveiled their new upgraded e-commerce website. The new site is designed to make the search for precious metals more efficient and easier to navigate. It presents U.S. Money Reserve as the profession company that it is, and allows users to view actual precious metal coins, and bullion in the online catalogue. The new site is also educational, offering insights into why precious metals can be a valuable addition to your portfolio.

The new site allows for quality content for all platform types. It allows the company to interact with customers on a one-on-one basis. The site provides live pricing on gold and silver. The Knowledge Center provides information that can help customers understand the various terminology and purchasing language.

U.S. Money Reserve is a distributor of U.S. Government issued gold, silver and platinum products, founded in 2001. The company has helped many client’s diversity their portfolios with precious metal products. So far, they have served over 400,000 clients.

The company has a trained team of professionals to provide assistance with acquiring gold, silver and platinum coins, bars and bullion. They offer the highest quality products and customer service in the marketplace. U.S. Money Reserve is based in Austin, Texas.

The company is run by Philip Diehl, a former U.S. Mint Director and former Chief of Staff at the U, S, Treasury. His experience shows through the excellent products and services offered by the firm. He finds products that offer the highest chances for profit. They make sure they provide a very high level of customer information as well. The firm is a major source of education to investors in the precious metals markets.

U.S. Money Reserve offers a BuyBack Guarantee, which is a refund on certified coins at the current market value for the first 30 days. They recently started offering the Gold Standard IRA.

Owning precious metals has long been a way to protect a portfolio in turbulent times. It can help hedge against inflation and currency swings as well as provide potential upside. As the world continues to experience political strife, it may be helpful to have precious metals in a portfolio to balance things out.

Karl Heideck And His Experience As An Attorney

Karl Heideck attended Swartmore College
Karl Heideck’s Experience As An Attorney

It was in 2003 that Karl Heideck earned his bachelor’s degree from the Swarthmore College. This was when he decided to do his JD from the Templeton University Beasley School of Law, in 2009. Typically students who wish to pursue law would like to do their BA in some related subject like political science, accounting, or even finance or history.

They may even do it in English or some government or law related studies. This is the first step for entering the legal field. This kind of education prepares graduates with for the litigation process as well as courtroom proceedings. These students have to develop essential skills to aid in negotiation, resolution of disputes, communication as well as settlement. Then they need to pass the state bar exam.

Karl Heideck is working as an attorney. He is based in Philadelphia.

Karl Heideck has a lot of experience in filing complaints that will be on behalf of clients. He is also experienced in responding to any complaints that may have been filed.

Heideck has a lot of experience in the entire litigation process. This would include obtaining personal jurisdiction, as well as pretrial, besides post-trial. This kind of experience in the litigation process would also include the filing of motions as well as their responses for defendants. Next stage is appeals.

Karl Heideck is equipped to take legal action against individuals as well as organizations on behalf of clients. He is also defending them in case law is brought against them.

He plans to continue his work in Pennsylvania as he is increasing his presence in his home state. This way he will constantly build up on his reputation.

Karl Heideck is board certified as well as licensed in Philadelphia for practicing general law. Typically general law practice will comprise of various law specialties that would include family, business, as well as litigation, real estate, along with criminal, and even insurance.

Fabletics Changing the Way E-Commerce Fashion Companies Operate in the Face of Amazon

If you know anything about athletic wear, you know about Fabletics. Selling what they call “athleisure” wear has helped this company take their own chunk of the Amazon-dominated fashion e-commerce industry. They have done this by offering a quality product in an innovative way to their members.


That’s right, members. The company uses a membership program to drive sales, and the convenience factor is paying off in a big way. In fact, the company has grown to a worth $250 million in just three years of existence with an annual growth rate of 35%. These are staggering numbers considering the competitive nature of the e-commerce fashion industry.


One reason the company is successful is because of the social media marketing efforts of one of the founders, actress Kate Hudson. Her popularity, combined with her business acumen, have been a driving force of the positive results. She is even partly behind the company’s latest efforts.


Going In a New Direction, In an Old Way


Fabletics has recently decided to open retail storefronts. This may confuse the average armchair market expert, but they have a good reason. While online sales are growing each year, they still only make up about 20% of the online fashion market. Retail establishments drive the market and will be responsible for a majority of the sales going into the future. So, it is actually been a good move for the company, especially considering the way that they do it.


Act Like a Retail Establishment and Think Like an Online Business


Fabletics has found a way for their online business to drive retail sales, not hinder them, by integration. Most of the in-store shoppers are members. If they aren’t, they will be soon. Because of this, the company gives them the opportunity to find products they like in the store and place them in their online shopping cart. The communication between the retail and online portions of the company is seamless.


Localized Data


Fabletics has reversed the traditional method in which companies use sales data. Instead of using terrestrial sales numbers to change the online marketing strategy, they are using online sales trends to change the way they stock their retail establishments. Each store is uniquely staged in a way that represents the taste trends of consumers in that region. It makes sense that having products people want will lead to people buying them.


It is Possible to Compete with Amazon


Fabletics is one of the companies proving its possible to compete with the online retail giant, Amazon. Those that think its a bad idea to open retail stores right now should know that Amazon is doing the same thing by opening new bookstores all across the country.


New e-commerce fashion companies have hope. The first thing they need to do is find a niché in the market where they can provide a high-quality product. After that, an innovative point of sale is necessary to provide convenience. Quality and convenience are a winning combination for e-commerce business no matter what the competition is.

Bruce Levenson Insurance Case Drags On In Fulton County Court

Insurance giant AIG of New Hampshire has been called to a Fulton County court where they will face a battle with the former owners of the Atlanta Hawks who claim breach of contract over the termination of the contract of former General Manager Danny Ferry. AIG is facing claims they have ignored the insurance claim from the Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium who believe Ferry’s comments and actions prior to the sale of the Hawks in June 2015 to billionaire technology executive Tony Ressler.

The Hawks group believed Ferry triggered the insurance policy with AIG that covered workplace actions and contacted them as early as April 2015 to discuss the possible claim lawyers for the Bruce Levenson led consortium believe should have been paid by the insurance company. Levenson’s group states in court papers they have had no contact from AIG despite repeated attempts to successfully close out the claim that is already in place; the legal team for Bruce Levenson and his fellow former Atlanta Hawks owners have so far refused to give details of the financial settlement they are claiming, but it is known Danny Ferry was only halfway through a six year contract thought to be worth $18 million.

The Atlanta Hawks are just one aspect of the life and career of Bruce Levenson that has seen the Maryland based businessperson rise to the top of the real time information industry. Levenson began his career as a journalist before partnering with Ed Peskowitz to create the United Communications Group of oil industry newsletters; as time has moved on Levenson has seen his business grow and evolve to include the latest real time information technology he uses in a range of businesses, including the popular GasBuddy app. Read more about Bruce Levenson’s philanthropic works on prnewswire.com.